Weigh in Day 11/9/12 -1.6LBS 44lbs down 46lbs left to go.

I am getting so close to half way to my ultimate goal I can almost smell it!!  Although, I guess I should say see it but the small changes are so hard to see…

I would like to say it was an inspired week and I kicked my own butt, the truth is I struggled every minute.  Not that every week and every day isn’t always a struggle, but it seems like it is getting so hard to win over my cravings.  So I try to exercise more, but the shorter days and the cooler weather makes me want to grab me some cheesy, buttery comfort food huddle under blankets watching bad TV for as many hours as I can manage.  This is my daily ( and sometime hourly ) battle.

This week I won more than lost and the numbers really made me happy, so I am trying to focus on my successes and let my failures fade away.

Tomorrow we are leaving insanely early to get our hike in before the snow/rain starts, it is going to be a long hike that I hope works me out hard because I need the extra good “I accomplished something” feelings to help keep me on track next week.


Published by hikingtohealthy

an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

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