Not the weekend hike we planned, repeater of Carpenters Peak-Roxborough State Park 11/4/12



There is a hike that is proving to be more elusive than I thought possible, I had hoped today was the day to get it done, but alas it was once again not meant to be.  This will be the 3rd time I have had to cancel it!

I knew last night when Aaron got up at 4AM not feeling well that the hike I had originally  planned was likely out.  When the alarm went off at 7, I went down to see how he was doing and while the hike I had originally planned was out for sure, he was still up for trying to a hike today.  I was shocked and pleased because I really need to keep this butt moving and motivated.  He really wasn’t feeling well so we wanted to hit something not too hard and close to home so we could come home quickly if we needed too.   So it was off to Roxborough State Park to do Carpenters Peak, which is still a nice workout but not something we would need to invest the whole day in order to complete.  The up side of our hike today was that we finished it in just 2.5 hours and in the past it would typically take us 3.5 hrs.  Unfortunately it was a really tough hike for Aaron and him not feeling well.  You can check out the hike details from my original Carpenters Peak post here.

Typically I like to get our hike in on Saturday but we did an awesome Sunset Photography class last night.  It was through REI Outdoor programs and I had no expectations, but it was a wonderful class.  They had us meet at a park in Boulder at 4PM and then we worked on technique until the sun started to set. I will admit that I barely know anything about my camera so I was a super novice in the class, the instructors were great in helping me understand the most basic functions of my camera ( like the shutter).  By the time sunset started I felt like I had learned so much and that I really was able to pull the color into the clouds:

But the best part by far was after the sun actually set and we  learned how to do light painting


I see hours of fun ahead practicing how to do this and I cannot wait to do it with my nieces and nephews!

My fingers and toes are crossed that next weekend will not lead to a 4th failed attempt at doing this now ridiculously desirable trail.


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8 thoughts on “Not the weekend hike we planned, repeater of Carpenters Peak-Roxborough State Park 11/4/12

  1. Yosemite offers photography classes too. For a long time now I’ve been thinking of taking one and since you said you learned so much (love the light painting) maybe I’ll look into doing that soon.

  2. Watch out, once you learn how to work the shutter……. That made me chuckle. I guess this officially makes you a “shutter bug”. I’m glad you got your hike in and kudos to Aaron for going out and hiking for 2.5 hours when he wasn’t feeling well! Sounds like he’s a “keeper”. 🙂

    1. He is a keeper! I am sure the instructors were chuckling too when I was like and the shutter is indicated where? And so I change it how? Now when you say aperture…. but they were very patient!

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