Weigh in Day 11/2/12 -2.2 lbs! 42.4LBS down, 47.6LBS to go!

After my awful week last week, my goal was to try to get that weight I gained back off as quickly as I could.  I didn’t think I could do it in one week but I am so glad I did, giddy in fact!!!  I needed a big win to be back on track and hope I can keep finding good inspiration to keep on losing.

The 2 big things that I got back to doing this week was working out each morning before work and again after work, along with the walks before lunch I continued to do.  And second, staying within my allotted calories according to the lose it! app I have been leaning on.

I know I have said it before, but this is always the hardest time of the year for me to ever stick to a diet or in this case, a life style change.  Its like the switch flips and I am on holidays for the next 2 months.   So how to change that impulse, one I have been fostering for 30 years?  If I can figure that out, I am pretty sure world peace and a cheap clean energy source are soon to follow…..

I have been going back and looking at old pictures of a thinner healthier me, as well as pictures from this past March to help motivate me.  I have avoided posting such pictures to this point, mostly out of embarrassment.  I think it may be time to own up to where I let myself get and where I want to be again.  I am going to create a page of pictures on my progress and goal, although I guess I will have to come to terms with me just plain getting older another time.

Got lots planned for this weekend, a sunset photography class tomorrow night so our hike will happen on Sunday and I am pretty excited about it!

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One thought on “Weigh in Day 11/2/12 -2.2 lbs! 42.4LBS down, 47.6LBS to go!

  1. I agree about this time of the year being the hardest. As soon as the weather gets cooler, it seems it’s time to begin cooking heartier meals (meaning more calories). I think you’ve done a great job and am glad to have found your blog. Your posts inspire me, and I hope you find the inspiration you need to get through these holiday months.

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