East Castlewood Canyon Trail, Franktown CO hiked 5/26/14

Starting Elevation: 6604 ft Highest Elevation: 6653 Ft ( there is some up and down overall I think we climbed maybe 400 ft total) Trail Length: 4 Miles from the trailhead but we had to park a mile away so we hiked 6 miles total. Trail Uses: Hiker Only Degree of Difficulty: Easy Fees: $7Continue reading “East Castlewood Canyon Trail, Franktown CO hiked 5/26/14”

Staunton State Park, Conifer CO Hiked 11/23/13

Staunton Ranch > Scout Line> Marmot Passage>Bugling Elk> Stauton Ranch Lowest Elevation: ¬†8120 Ft Highest Elevation: 9240 Ft ( I think total we got around 1800+ ft of elevation gain with the ups and downs) Trail Length: ¬†Roughly 10 miles Trail Uses: Most of the trails were hiking, biking & Horses Scout Line is hikingContinue reading “Staunton State Park, Conifer CO Hiked 11/23/13”