Weigh in day 11/30/12 +.8 = 46 LBS down 44LBS to go……

I was way too thankful last weekend, I mean WAY TOO!  I think the hardest reality was that I did so well until Thursday and then it was a nonstop eating marathon, like the flood gates had opened on all crappy for me food in ridiculous amounts.  All week I stressed about weighing in knowing it would be bad, and all week I fought with giving up.

I have spent 28 of my 38 years fighting with my weight and I think what I have learned is that yummy food happens and drinking a little too much ( or a lot too much) is fun.  The trick is not letting it get me off course and I almost let it happen again this week for like millionth time in the past 28 years.  I just have to focus on balance.

In an effort to remind myself that doing what I love takes a healthier, stronger me I picked a really hard hike for our weekly hike that I shouldn’t be able to do this time of year.  I had thought it would be a super physical challenge with really awesome views as a reward, plus if we failed it would remind me of what started me on this journey in the first place.  The other reason I picked it was our fall/winter has been insanely mild so far and I knew there was little or no snow yet on this particular trail, the lure of a super high goal and some great continental divide views was too much to pass up.

I am looking for more motivation…here is a picture from a hike I did when still in Illinois in 2000 at Starved Rock and close to my goal weight.


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an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

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