Weigh in Day – 8/31/12 35.4 LBS down 54.6 LBS to go!!!!

Finally!!!! After 3 weeks of no weight loss, I lost something this week.  I had planned on doing all these changes to get off the plateau but it never happened.  The only thing different this week was that I had my first reflexology appointment to try to help with my plantar fasciitis, which has been plaguing me for the past 2 years.  I also got mostly back on track with our workout schedule too.

I have come to learn ( after gaining and losing hundreds of pounds) that I just need to do what works for me and not listen to all the hype.  I would love to be a healthy eater and have wished for years that veggies tasted more yummy and less like dirt, but they still taste like dirt to me.  The fact is, outside of the only vegetables that aren’t healthy for you ( corn & potatoes), I cannot choke them down.  I try to make deals with myself to at least eat one bite which usually ends with a face being made at my hubby or whomever is lucky enough to be sitting across from me.  This bad habit of mine always causes much discussion among every person I try to be honest with.  So a few months ago I was in a restaurant and this man came in and told his dinning companion very loudly at least 6 times that he could not have any vegetables.  I was intrigued, what possible ailment would prevent a person from eating vegetables, I mean seriously I would love to use that instead of they taste like dirt.  I wanted to ask him, but at the same time his volume of confession along with his repetition  led me to believe he was hoping someone would ask him.  I just decided to use the excuse that I am allergic to veggies, and lets just throw in fruit for good measure.  It’s not right and I know that, but in order to be successful, I have to be honest.  Hopefully they will make a veggie pill soon enough so I can take it and use that as an excuse.

For the record, I have gone to culinary school so I know how to cook them and make them taste good….for everyone else; but the only way they even get close to tolerable for me is soaked in butter and/or cheese then possible deep-fried.  Which of course kills the reason to eat them in the first place.  

Today what is working for me is straight calories in straight calories out.  I am focusing on physical activity to counteract a tough day.  I know this won’t work forever and as I lose more weight I will need to make more diet changes, but I will ride this out as long as I can!

For today, Yay me!!!!  I am pretty excited to about tomorrow’s hike 35 pounds lighter than I was that 2nd weekend in March when I first started this journey!!!

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4 thoughts on “Weigh in Day – 8/31/12 35.4 LBS down 54.6 LBS to go!!!!

  1. For once someone who’s honest about veggies. This summer in Southern CO has been so hot, too hot for hiking……that excuse won’t be feasible much longer though. Hubby shares your same foot problem. He got some good shoe inserts that is allowing him to do short hikes and has relieved his discomfort. Stay motivated 🙂

    1. Ha! Thank you so much! I feel for your husband, I have been using inserts for a little over a year and they have been wonderful! Hope you get to do some hiking soon now that it is cooling off some!

  2. I simply cannot properly digest a lot of vegetables, but I do love salads and greens; they agree with my “delicate digestive system”, and I don’t get tired of them. Keep trying new and different ones, and take a multi-vitamin. How about V-8? That is a fairly diet friendly juice and will help get you some of those important nutrients.

    1. Thanks Carol! I do take a multi-vitamin and have thought a lot about v-8, but he fruit flavored one….I am sure I will have to figure out something soon!

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