My top 5 Easy hikes

Aaron is always telling me I need to rank my favorite hikes by difficulty level and then a few weeks ago Jessica over at HungryGems asked me to do the same thing.  I have been thinking about it a lot these past weeks and decided they are both right. Here is my top 5 easyContinue reading “My top 5 Easy hikes”

Burning Bear Trail #601, Grant Co Snowshoed 4/19/14

Starting Elevation:  9627Ft Highest Elevation:   10,708Ft is the highest we made it but the highest part of the hike is supposed to be 10,740 ft Trail Length:  The full length of the trail round trip is a 13 miles to Hall Valley  Trailhead we made it just under 8 miles round trip almost toContinue reading “Burning Bear Trail #601, Grant Co Snowshoed 4/19/14”

Mason Creek at Staunton State Park, Conifer CO hiked 4/12/14

Mason Creek Trail> Border Line Trail> Staunton Ranch Trail Starting Elevation:  8197 ft Highest Elevation:  9450 Ft ( Almost 1600 ft total with a little up and down from Mason Creek to Border Line) Trail Length: 10.6 miles officially and my fitbit was pretty close with right around 11 miles Trail Uses: Hiker, Biker, HorsesContinue reading “Mason Creek at Staunton State Park, Conifer CO hiked 4/12/14”

TrailRidge Road Hike/Snowshoe RMNP, Estes Park CO hiked 4/5/14

There is a Facebook Page called Enjoy Estes Park and every Thursday they run a contest for an all expenses paid trip to Estes Park, free lodging, free meals, Free beer and wine, free snacks throughout the day, free rental of sporting goods and they even gave us money to spend in some of the storesContinue reading “TrailRidge Road Hike/Snowshoe RMNP, Estes Park CO hiked 4/5/14”

St. Mary’s Glacier Snowshoe, St. Mary’s/Alice CO Snowshoed 3/29/14

Starting Elevation: 10,423 Ft Highest Elevation: 11, 023 Ft Trail Length: To the base of the glacier and back it is 2 miles round trip Trail Uses: Snowshoe, skis, snowboards, cross country skis Degree of Difficulty: To the glacier easy to moderate Bathroom: Yes – there is a well used port -o-potty in the parkingContinue reading “St. Mary’s Glacier Snowshoe, St. Mary’s/Alice CO Snowshoed 3/29/14”

Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park( RMNP)- Estes Park CO- Snowshoed 3/22/14

Starting Elevation:  somewhere in the mid 9000’s Highest Elevation: A little over 10,000 Ft- our watch that gives us the elevation is no longer working so this is a guestimate. Trail Uses: Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing Winter only trail as it is an actual road in summer. Trail Length:  5.5 miles Round trip butContinue reading “Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park( RMNP)- Estes Park CO- Snowshoed 3/22/14”

Nymph, Dream & Emerald Lakes – RMNP – Estes CO, Snowshoed 3/15/14

Nymph Lake > Dream Lake > Emerald Lake Starting Elevation: 9400 ft Highest Elevation: 10,100 ft Trail Uses: hiking, snowshoe, cross-country skiing, hike in ski out…. anything with skis…. Trail Length: Officially 3.8 miles, we walked around Emerald and Nymph lakes a lot so we got around 4.5 miles for the day… it took usContinue reading “Nymph, Dream & Emerald Lakes – RMNP – Estes CO, Snowshoed 3/15/14”

Spring Break hiking 3/1- 3/6/14 All Repeaters

When my nieces came to visit me last year, their one request was more hiking.  I honestly had no idea they would like it as much as they did.  I wanted to get them out as much as possible while still giving them a break from school.  I had grand plans, hike 3/1, snowshoe 3/2,Continue reading “Spring Break hiking 3/1- 3/6/14 All Repeaters”

Nordic Center Snowshoe, Breckenridge CO Snowshoed 3/2/14

Willow Trail > Engleman Trail > Hallelujah Hut Starting Elevation:  Around 9800 Ft Highest Elevation: Around 10,800 Ft ( total guess based on my fitbit number of stairs) Trail Uses: Snowshoe only – Designated Terrain Park Trail Length: 6-ish miles round trip Degree of Difficulty:  Easy(Willow) to Moderate(Engleman) Bathrooms: Yes – At the Nordic CenterContinue reading “Nordic Center Snowshoe, Breckenridge CO Snowshoed 3/2/14”

Butler Gulch Snowshoe, Empire CO 2/22/14

On Tuesday when I came home to the huge box with our snowshoes, I kinda wanted to go out right then and to try them out.  Unfortunately there is no real snow here on the Front Range so I had to wait until the weekend to get my fix in. I had hiked Butler Gulch(Continue reading “Butler Gulch Snowshoe, Empire CO 2/22/14”