Weigh in Day 6/28/13 -1.8lbs, 57lbs down 33 to go.

I am THRILLED.  I was just hoping for a maintain but to get this type of loss, well I can say it was so much more than I could have imagined.

As it is probably obvious, I am late in posting my weigh in and that’s because we are on vacation.  This is our favorite week of every year, because it was this week 15 years ago Aaron and I met so we celebrate it in fun ways every year.  But as a junk food addict, I look forward to trips in general as a break from the healthy lifestyle I am trying to achieve, you know a VACATION from everything.  In the past this break has bled into the week before the vacation and the week after.  Which is why losing 1.8 pounds the week before our vacation is such a huge win for me!

Another big win, this is our first aggressively active vacation.  We started it out with a beautiful hike yesterday en route to our condo for the next week, have our 1st 14er ( mountain over 14,000 feet high) planned in the next few days as well as 3-4 other hikes planned.  Where we are staying has a beautiful gym overlooking the most inspiring set of mountains and we intend to use it.

Aaron has always been really healthy and fit, at every other vacation when he suggested healthy options I would fight it and typically win out.   Last week was no different while we were working out he said we should lift weights in addition to hiking to help stay on track.  My angry vacation monster was like WTF hiking is not enough???  But he is totally right and instead of snapping at him I bit my tongue and thought hard about what he was suggesting.  How difficult would it be to dedicate an hour each day to lifting weights?  It would allow me a certain freedom in terms of enjoying other aspects of vacation like eating and drinking, with out the typical weight gain.  But most importantly it would help cement my healthier life style transition.  Healthy people never take vacations from exercising, they work it into what ever they are doing on their vacation( at least that is what I have read).  I want to be a healthy person so that is what we are doing!

We got one new hike under our belts yesterday and it was another with intense mind-blowing views, man I so love Colorado.  I can’t wait to tell you about it and the other 3-4 we have planned, but it will take me a little bit so please bear with me.

Have a wonderful 4th of July week!

These perfect Columbines are part of the landscaping at where we are staying.
These perfect Columbines are part of the landscaping at where we are staying.

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