Weigh in Day 6/21/13 -1lb, 55.2 lbs down- 34.8 left to go

I was pretty thrilled with my loss this week especially since I was so sore from Saturday’s hike that I was essentially a slug on Sunday.

This has been a transformative week for me as our hike this past weekend really made me break through a wall I have let creep up over time.  The “I can’t do that” wall.   I can’t really pinpoint how the foundation started, but then again I never notice it until it is a couple of stories higher either,  suddenly anything that looks too hard is automatically an I can’t response.   This weekend we did a summit climb that was a million I cants the entire way up and down but I did it all, feeling a million times better for it!

It has changed my whole attitude this week and while I would love to lose this weight faster, I am perfectly content that I am in fact still losing weight.  It took me years to do this to myself, it’s going to take some time to fix it.

We have a good hike planned for tomorrow, part of it is a repeater while adding on additional peaks, mileage and altitude gain to our original attempt.   I am both nervous and crazy excited, as I often am on the eve of our hike!

I am leaving you with a cute picture of 2 of our cats I caught snuggling earlier this week.

There is nothing to see here, please move a long.
There is nothing to see here, please move a long.


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7 thoughts on “Weigh in Day 6/21/13 -1lb, 55.2 lbs down- 34.8 left to go

  1. Congratulations on breaking through that wall. In life, everybody has a “comfort zone”. That comfort zone usually either expanding or contracting. Way to get that moving in the right direction- very important.

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