Weight in day 2/1/13 +1.8LBs 43.6lbs lost 46.4LBs to go……

Yes its a weight gain and not all that great of a feeling but if I really thought it through, I am sure I lost around 5 lbs from my trip.  Which means I ate enough in a little over a week to put on almost 7 lbs…….. WOW!  Ok a good thing to know about my  vacation brain and eating habits.

I did it, its done and I am moving on.  Life is going to continue to happen and I need learn from my overindulgence  if this change is going to stick.

The past 7 days I have been working out like crazy, we are actually  close to our summer level of activity but no where the intensity.  Last Sunday we did 7 miles on the path behind our house.  I hit the Elliptical every morning before work for 50 minutes.  I took an almost 3 miles walk near work 4 times.  We got in 2 long walks in outside at night.   It feels so good to be moving at that rate I didn’t even realize I missed that tired muscle feeling for the past 5-6 weeks.  I think I like to work out which I kinda knew but if only I liked to eat crap less, I am working on it.

I have 5 weeks to bury my head and focus on exercise while tracking my calorie versus activity ratio, then my nieces are coming to visit me for their spring break.  I have a lot of activities planed, including 2-4 hikes for while they are here.  Aaron and I are like kids waiting for a Disney vacation counting down the days until they are here.  It is so much fun to have them here and to show them why I love it here so much ( and maybe trick them into moving here) instead of Chicago.

Now is a clean slate with everything to look forward to this summer.


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an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

4 thoughts on “Weight in day 2/1/13 +1.8LBs 43.6lbs lost 46.4LBs to go……

  1. The part I likes most was, I did it, it’s done and I’m moving on. Recognizing it is better then Ignoring it. Also, all the walking, muscle weights more then fat… Just sayin 😉

  2. I think you’ve done a good job of figuring out what happened, and the next time such events occur you can plan ahead. You also lost several weeks of work out time due to illness. Sounds like you are back on track!

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