Weigh in Day 12/13/12 – 3lbs!!!!! 48.4lbs down 41.6 left to go!!!!

I am doing my weigh in a day early because today is my birthday so I am making it my cheat day as well.   My husband and I have taken the day off work to relax and enjoy it together.  After one work meeting this morning I have to host, we are going to get pedicures and then a nice birthday lunch and I don’t want to watch my calorie intake.   I have to say I was super shocked when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a 3 lb loss, especially after the last 2 weeks of gains!   It was such a wonderful moment after 2 disappointing weigh-ins.  I had stopped hoping I might get to 50lbs lost before I head home to Chicago for my Christmas celebration but if I really work hard in the next week I might get really close!!!!

I am not sure what worked this week as I didn’t change up anything like I had planned.   Work has been insane I have been working late and doing stuff after work with friends.  I did get my 50 minutes of elliptical every morning and a 3 mile walk lunch but that is all.  I think it was all the wonderful support and advice everyone gave me after last week’s gain!  My body must have needed me to read your words of encouragement, so thank you!!!

Whatever the reason, it couldn’t have come at a better time!

I am posting a picture from when my husband and I eloped 8 years ago….this is 20 pounds over my goal weight and just 21 pounds away from where I am today.  Plus Aaron is such a cutie in these pictures!


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