Weigh in Day 11/16/12 -1.6LBS, 45.6 lbs down 44.4 lbs to go

That’s right I have crossed the halfway mark! I have lost more than I have left to lose!!!! It could not have happened on a better weigh in day.

This week at work was AWFUL, on Tuesday I seriously wanted to reach through my phone and kill someone who was supposed to be helping me with a new customer but instead just made my whole team look stupid. The old me would have dropped all my small change and cash into the vending machine on salty and alternately sweet crap. Then stopped on the way home and raided a grocery store for all my favorites Doritos, popcorn, Reese peanut butter cups, this time of year maybe some egg nog. Instead I stood up from my cubicle and enlisted some coworkers for a venting walk where I swore a lot and walked off some of my frustration. When I got home, which I did without stopping at a store and buying bags full of crap, I ate only the calories I had left. I also got a lot of hugs and love from my wonderful hubby, which was a nice balm to my painful day.

I would like to say that my week got better but each day has been challenging and each day I won over my insane cravings, which are doubly strong because it is the week before monthly curse, so yay me!!!!!

The other reason why this is the best weigh in day for it to happen is because it is the last one before Thanksgiving. Not that I am going to a big event, in fact because I have to work on Friday our celebration will be very low-key, but I usually use it as an excuse to eat an insane amount of food. Instead I will make one nice meal and we will get in all of our workouts.

Our hike tomorrow is going to be a killer one with a lot of elevation gain in a short period of time, I am looking forward to having my butt kicked then coming home and having a lot of drinks to celebrate the end of a horrible week!

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an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

2 thoughts on “Weigh in Day 11/16/12 -1.6LBS, 45.6 lbs down 44.4 lbs to go

    1. Thank you! I feel good I survived the week! The hike was amazing…. I am trying something new and would love to know your thoughts. Details first, then a summation after I have had a few days to digest it all…..

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