Progress Pictures

Ok I need to remember, while I will NEVER look like this again, I can get as close as my natural aging will let me.

Here is the goal:

Outside of the long hair and obvious youth, this is my perfect weight.  I have been less( and painfully more)  but this is where my body is happiest.  At the time I was training for the Chicago Marathon ( August 2001), only to find out my reconstructed knee ( ACL reconstruction my senior year in high school) could only manage running 10-11 miles max.   So one of a what seems like a million failures of staying on track is also part of my motivation.  Besides I HATE running, but walking and hiking I love!

This me in March 2012, one week after the “revelation”

Man, seeing this just hurts and like all of us that get this way, I avoid mirrors, cameras and any self inspection.  I was awesome at skirting pictures, but how long could I really avoid what I am doing to myself.  It was too easy to say tomorrow will be the day to change…

This was 2 months later, not a big change but I see it ….a little

2 months(ish) later on a trail I will likely never blog about it ( it might be the one trail I don’t like in Colorado)

About 6 -8 weeks later 9/1/12


This is at 52lbs lost-5/11/13- don’t judge the socks and they are socks NOT leg warmers.


39 thoughts on “Progress Pictures

  1. That brings tears to my eyes because I can see my partner’s journey in yours. She’s short and currently about 200lbs. Her doctor has told her she needs to lose about 45lbs in the next 12 months if she wants any chance at a healthy future (she’s 46years old).

    My partner isn’t an outdoorsy woman and I think the idea of bushwalking (hiking) scares her a bit. So she goes to the gym to do some weights 3-5 days a week and walks 2-3 miiles around our neighbourhood 4-5 days a week. She’s been doing that for about 3 months (well, she started out the first 2 months walking about 1-1.5 miles) and I can see the difference. In the past few weeks she’s started seeing a nutritionist to help her incorporate healthy eating habits into our lifestyle (not a diet but slowly changing to eat more healthy foods rather than fatty ones).

    Seeing someone else on a similar journey as my partner is heart warming because it shows we are not alone in our journey.

    Also, your hiking adventures will no doubt inspire me.

    1. I know how hard it must be for your partner to face this lifestyle change but at least she has you to lean on during this journey! Keep on encouraging, loving & supporting her! I know having my husband there for me every step of the way has been a huge help…..but so has this blog, it keeps me honest!

    2. Hey Andrew, by calling it Bushwalking, you’re giving away a hint at your geography! Are you an Aussie? I’m an unexpected outdoors chick who like Hiking To Healthy, found release from the pounds/kilos in the great Aussie bush. Maybe your partner might find something useful in my blog which encourages and gives practical tips about getting into the great outdoors??

  2. You’re doing an amazing job on your weight loss! Don’t mind the little set backs. It happens! It’s quite impressive how far you’ve came, and I have no doubt you’ll reach your goal. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much Michael! I have to remember not to let the setbacks kill my motivation, you are so right!! I can’t wait to see what backpacking route you decide on!!!!!

  3. There’s no better way to get in shape than outdoors in Colorado 🙂 I ran the trails in Fort Collins to do the same. Keep up the great work! Thanks for your Likes on my photos 🙂

  4. You go girl! Can’t see your photos but I LOVE your mission statement… Hiking to Healthy. What a great way to do it. Linda

  5. Great progression pics, and what awesome and motivating scenery to accomplish your goal in! Keep it going, you’re doing fantastic!

    1. Thank you!!! The scenery absolutely is driving me and seeing one of the 14ers I would like to do every day as I drive to work really helps too! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Best of luck! In my opinion there is nothing that beats walking! 🙂 You are doing great so far!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Much appreciated!

  7. Awesome post! Don’t ever give up, nor let anyone define how you perceive yourself. I believe that all things are possible and we control 2 important things that NO ONE can interfere with or take from us, everything else is out of our control (people, places, and things). So I don’t waste time allowing that which I can’t control to rent my brain. So you are wondering what are the 2 things??????

    1. My positive attitude; and,
    2. My relationship with God or whomever you deem greater than yourself, e.g., Buddha, Shiva, etc.

    In short, if you concentrate on the “internal,” you are empowered. Anywho, that’s my take. Again, great post!

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Steve! I LOVE your take, it is a great way to take on life! Thanks for stopping by and I am looking forward to reading more about your journeys!

  8. I admire you. Hang in there! Went hiking to day in Sedona with my dog and sweated for 90 minutes. It was great. I’m plump and think hiking is a spiritually wonderful way to tone up and actively life.

    1. It is Mt. Galibraith in Golden. It is great hike, but it is single track and half the hike all you see is the business park off of 93. The single track is small and when you are being passed or trying to pass it is TIGHT. The west and southwest views are amazing but not worth all the hassle because it is also a busy trail so you will be sucking mountainside a lot from all the passing…. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  9. Namaste…go girl! What a fab blog 🙂 I look forward to following you ~ Lakshmi x

  10. I just did my first hike this past weekend. I pushed body harder than I ever have. I have to admit, I did not know the difficulty of the trail before I hit it. LOL. But man I am hooked, I am in north Alabama, so my mountains are nothing compared to CO, but we do have them. I am already planning my next hike. Finally! I found something to get me moving that doesn’t feel like work. It was beautiful and at the end I felt empowered. The only thing is… I gained 5 pounds! I did the hike Saturday and this is Wednesday morning. I read that it could be fluid, due to your muscles repairing themselves. Did you go through this? i havent had a chance to read all of your post. I’m so discouraged I want to cry.

    1. Don’t be discouraged Deanne! The body does some crazy things when you are changing up your routine. You need to focus on what works for you. In my case I am just using a simple Lose IT ! App on iphone and a fitbit pedometer to track activity. It helps me expend more calories then I take in. After years of dieting, I don’t diet anymore. This is a life style change, what I am doing today I plan on doing for the rest of my life and I don’t beat myself up for special days, holidays or parties. I try to exercise extra so I can eat a little more. Good Luck! Making a change is hard and I agree that hiking is a GREAT motivator! Thank you for checking out my blog!!!

  11. Your photos are a great honest way to look at where you have been. I see huge change in you, and now you conquered a 14’er. Awesome! Keep up the good work.

  12. I miss hearing about your progress. I am struggling with my weight right now, up the highest I’ve ever been (aside from pregnancy….or maybe the same as pregnancy). 😦 You are always an inspiration to me. I hope all is well with you. –Janet

    1. I am trying to get back to a place where I can blog regularly again! Actually seeing your message kinda jump started me to get out at least the new hikes I have done and not put out yet. Thank you for dropping a note. I am struggle all the time with my weight and know that I will forever. You will find your groove and get that extra weight off!

  13. I lost 140 lbs starting April 2013. I have kept it off a year. I have started hiking and playing pickleball. I lost more pounds than I now weigh! No surgery; people always ask.

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