Weigh in Day 3/1/13 -1.6 lbs, 48.6 lbs down – 41.4 lbs to go

It was a good week, our hike was really awesome last weekend and then we got a good blizzard on Sunday, which forced us to focus on getting the house clean for our guests this next week.   I got in a ton of exercise including 2 weight lifting sessions while cleaning each night post work out.  It was actually a great way to avoid boredom eating, which is a huge problem for me!

This next week is going to be tricky for me, my nieces are coming to visit for their spring break and we have a ton of activities planned.  They land tomorrow afternoon so Aaron and I are going to make the most of morning and get in a quick but tough hike close to home.  We are taking them on hikes for sure on Sunday and Wednesday, maybe even one on Tuesday or Friday if we can squeeze it in.

What is kinda cool about this visit is two- fold; first I am super honored that my nieces want to spend their spring break from college with me!  Second, it was Anne’s visit exactly a year ago that got my butt in motion to start this journey and helped Aaron and I set the goals we have today.  It was what drove me to get to know my state better and start doing the things I moved here to do!  It will be nice to show Anne and Lauren  all our favorite parts of Colorado so far and my, how it has expanded in the past year!

With the fact we will have guest hikers in town for a whole week, my hiking posts for their visit probably won’t make an appearance until next weekend or a little later.  Mine and Aaron hikes are going to be repeaters just to keep us moving the next 2 weekends as their only purpose.

Have a great week everyone!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Weigh in Day 3/1/13 -1.6 lbs, 48.6 lbs down – 41.4 lbs to go

  1. It’s always exciting to take people on new hikes (new to them). I’ve been away from blogging (and reading) for a while and am glad to see you’re still progressing. Have fun with your nieces. 🙂

    1. Welcome back Janet! I am still chuggin along and am so excited to try and get my nieces hooked on Colorado! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will be posting again soon,

  2. Yea !!!! Back on track! I’ll be entertaing grandsons at the Ranch for spring break. We have a couple miles of trails. Pretty flat but one nice ravine section. Hmm let mr see, I can give a video tour I think…..

    1. Wow Bob, how do you ever leave that property, it is beautiful! Thank you for sharing that with me, I am sure you and your grandchildren will have a great time there on spring break!!! And thank you for the encouragement, it means SOOOOOO much to me!

  3. Congratulations on your progress over the last year!! Getting to know your own state better is a wonderful goal. We should all be doing that! Tis better to love the state you’re in than wish yourself somewhere else.

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