Thanksgiving Weigh in Day – 11/22/12 1.2LB lost 46.8lbs down, 43.2lbs left to go

Since today is Thanksgiving, I am making the decision to weigh in today.  I am thrilled I had a loss this week as it has been a real struggle, I am sure this is a symptom of how I got this way in the first place.  But the week of a holiday feels like I should be celebrating with any yummy food that speaks to me and it felt like everything was screaming at me to eat it.  I heard all the garlic bread sticks at Olive garden ( it shares a parking lot with my work) telling me how good they would taste with some alfredo sauce just come and try.  Or the Doritos in the vending machine reminding me that I dream about them and this week I could have them… I don’t even want to talk about what Smashburger was saying to me.  I was able to fight it all and  so I figured that in order to stay on track, today is the day to weigh in because that means today is my cheat day.

Its backward logic, I know but it has helped me get through 8 months of this lifestyle change and the reality is that a lifestyle change mean I have to learn to balance everything.  Everyday will continue to be a challenge and everyday I will have to draw on those things that help me win.

So while the turkey is cooking for our dinner to give thanks for all we are lucky enough to have in this world, we are going to get in a good long walk right now.


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an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

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