Midnight Confession Weight gain + 2.2lbs Weigh in day 10/26/12

My visit with my sister was awesome, it was the most healthy I have ever been on a vacation.  In fact the day before it ended I had gained no weight because we had been so active, even though we had eaten and drank like crazy.

The morning Mary left something shifted in me, I felt it as soon as she walked into the airport.  I was exhausted, so exhausted in fact I almost fell asleep driving to work and then later in the day when I drove home from work I had the same problem.  Aaron made me go right to bed when I walked in and I slept for 2 hours, he made me eat some dinner and then back to bed for me for 11 hours and then the malaise set in.

Each day following was a struggle, I slept terrible and worked through each day bizarrely exhausted, when I came home the only thing I could force myself to do was put on pajama’s and try not to eat everything in sight. Everything was an excuse to not work out and all those excuses won over my journey and success so far….

4 days I lived in my own world of depression, self-doubt and sabotage.  Last night I knew that the past 4 days was an excuse to give up and stop, so as I tossed and turned I decided the cure was a hike.  And so I got up with my alarm at 7AM, forced myself out the front door.  It was the best medicine.  As I struggled up what should have been an easy hill after all we have done over the past 7 months, I began to see what the path behind me looked like.  Each success followed so closely by a clear decline with a mountain of excuses to make it all ok to fail.

A journey means learning and sometimes taking 2 steps back to figure out how to take a step forward again. I hate my 2 steps back but I am really excited about my step forward.

Here’s to not crying over spilled milk OR pouring out the whole gallon after that little bit spilled…..Jack at the Weight watchers in Schaumburg taught me that gem!

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an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

9 thoughts on “Midnight Confession Weight gain + 2.2lbs Weigh in day 10/26/12

  1. Bumps are out there any time, We just see them more clearly now. When joy is such a big part of your driving force, you WILL keep hiking in the right direction. I look forward to reading more. Our journey is headed to CO in a few months…right now we await the storm. Stay well David and Jane

    1. Thank you David and Jane! You are so right, I just need to focus on how happy hiking makes me and it will all work out! Stay safe out there on the east coast, that storm sounds terrible! Let me know if you need any Colorado tips!

  2. I’m so glad that you posted this. It gives me hope in knowing that I’m not alone when I hit those unwanted sluggish days in my neverending struggle to lose weight. I’m glad that you worked through it and are continuing to go forward.

  3. I’m really good with the excuses…..hang in there. Did I read Schaumburg??? Ah, fond memories of Woodfield Mall 🙂

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