Guest Hiker is coming to Visit!!!!


This week ->weekend hike(s) will have a guest hiker on it….My sister Mary!  She is arriving tonight and will spend almost week visiting me!  I am super excited for 2 reasons, first I am just looking forward to hanging out with her.  Second, every time my sister has come in the past we talk about hiking and my abilities have been sorely lacking, ending in disappointing hike for her.

So we have a hike planned for tomorrow and then a few days in the mountains, then hitting a hike on the way back!  I think I picked some good ones for her to see some real Colorado beauty and not be too hard on her altitude -wise.

I also have touristy, halloweenie things planned as well but those don’t really fit with  my blog theme….not that I won’t put them out here of course ;p

Given that my sister will be here through early next week, I probably won’t get a chance to post our hike(s) details until later next week. Oh and I am gonna be honest here, the whole watching what I eat thing probably won’t be high on my priority list but I do plan on drinking and laughing …A LOT!!!!

Have a great weekend and find a hike to stretch your legs!


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4 thoughts on “Guest Hiker is coming to Visit!!!!

  1. Enjoy the visit. I know you’ll have a good time… can you not in Colorado! And the weather is so much fun this time of year. I love seeing the snow in the distance.

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