weigh in Day 2/14/14 -.6, 54.4 lbs down 35.6 left to go

Nugget getting his workout in
Nugget getting his workout in

I know the loss isn’t much but in my mind it is huge because I had my monthly visitor hit this week and was still going through it on weigh in day so any loss is monumental at a time like this.  I worked out hard all week and patiently waited for my snowshoes to arrive… but they didn’t.  I got in almost every workout and ate within my calories every day.  Work has finally become more manageable and all I can think about is all the hikes I have before me.   I love and hate this time of year, the mountains look so impressive but impassable with all that snow and avalanche risk, every weekend is up in the air in terms of what we can do.  Oh and still no snowshoes….

I was more sad about my snowshoe situation than anything else all week, because it meant no snowshoeing for me this weekend but we hiked this morning on a new trail I have kinda avoided until now and I was surprised at how much I liked it.  I am hiking with my hiking superhero, Wendy tomorrow.  All in all has been a pretty good week.

I think my snowshoes will arrive this week… fingers and toes are crossed! I seriously cannot wait to go again and already know what trail we are doing first.

I don’t know your situation but if you can get out and hike this week do it…life is too short to not hike more!

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