Weigh in day 9/21/12 + .4 LBS


Ok this week I had my first weight gain in 6 1/2 months of starting this journey.  I felt pretty bad yesterday that I didn’t have another success, but the truth is the whole week was off.  We did a photography class last Saturday and then did a our hike on Sunday and it from there it seemed we couldn’t get on track…..

Aaron reminded me that the journey will not be easy and that there are no shortcuts in a lifestyle change.  If it was easy, I would have succeeded years ago.  When we saw this sign on our hike this morning, it really brought it all home for me.  It wasn’t a great day yesterday or a great week and I could list a million reasons why I think I gained weight back instead of lost.  But the truth is change is hard and beating myself up over my first setback will only make the rest of journey harder.

So I will chalk it up to a learning week, and I will not spill out the rest of the gallon to explain the little bit spilled milk that dropped yesterday!

Here is too a better week next week!

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2 thoughts on “Weigh in day 9/21/12 + .4 LBS

  1. HI Kathy,
    Steve gained some weight back too. Sometimes I think your body will plateau a bit before it takes another “dive” down. Hang with it because you will do it. You have helped to motivate me too. I took about 4 lbs off in 2 1/2 weeks. Woo hoo and thank you!! Keep going baby because you are helping the rest of us!

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