Weigh in day 8/17/12 33lbs down 57 to go.

Ok so Fridays are my weigh in days and they are also my cheat days…..

This was a really tough week, I am 5 months into my life style change and I just wanted to eat everything in sight.  I wanted to go to Target and get a couple of bags of Doritos and Cheetos and go to town on then. I am a salty binge eater and Frito Lay is my Achilles heel!  So my whole battle this week was to not go over my daily calories and just not gain weight.  I hit one of those goals……

The good news is, I have now lost a total of 33 pounds, the not so great news is that I hit that milestone last week.  But I am celebrating the fact that I didn’t give up and I didn’t pour out the whole gallon so to speak.  So while I didn’t lose any weight, I didn’t gain any either and I am ok!

My tools right now are all pretty low-cost, I am on a tight budget so I can’t join weight watchers right now.  I had a facebook friend who lost 50 LBs last year and she used this application called Lose It!  So I decided to check it out.  It is a basic calories in and calories out program, it helps you track your intake and then tells me how many calories I burn with each activity.  It asked me how many pounds I wanted to lose a week and then tells me what my daily calorie allotment is based on my current weight to achieve my weekly goal.  It also tracks my progress to my ultimate goal originally it was 75 pounds but I managed to gain 15 pounds before I actually started using it.

The other thing I got, I spent $100 on and I just got it 3 weeks ago.   It is called a FitBit, and it is a pedometer/calorie burn counter.  It is the best pedometer I have used so far, I can wear it on my bra if I wear a dress and it still gets accurate data.  My friend Julie turned me onto it, her employer is rewarding their employees who use it to improve their health.  It also tracks how many flight of stairs you go up and grades your overall daily activity with goals for all of this.  The first time I used it was for a hike I did 3 weeks ago, Mount Falcon ( Details coming soon) and it was a tough hike, the stairs tracker said I climbed 192 flights of stairs, it turned out to be exactly the kind of motivation I needed to help me stay on track.  It also synchs with the Lose It! application so I get credit for extra activity I maybe didn’t log.

Anyway, a week of struggles and successes so I will chalk it up as an ok week.

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an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

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