Chasm Lake Trail, Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park 9/22/12

Chasm Lake ( Long’s Peak Trail > Chasm Lake Trail) Starting Elevation:  9400 Ft Ending Elevation:  11,800 Ft ( Total Elevation Gain 2400Ft) Trail Length:  8.6 Officially (unfortunately we made the mistake of passing the Chasm Lake trail by almost a mile so my fitbit said 12 miles)  We spent probably 6-7 hours total actuallyContinue reading “Chasm Lake Trail, Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park 9/22/12”

Butler Gulch, Empire/Idaho Springs CO 9/8/12

Butler’s Gulch Trail Starting Elevation:  10,500ish Final Elevation :  11,900+ if you go all the way to the Jean Mine  ( 1400 ft elevation gain) Trip Length: 6 miles round trip, if you aren’t over protective of your lower carriage civic that doesn’t seem to like the way the road looks after the parking lots.Continue reading “Butler Gulch, Empire/Idaho Springs CO 9/8/12”

Upper Mohawk Lake – Breckenridge CO 9/1/12

Spruce Creek Trail -> Continental Falls Trail-> Mohawk Lakes Trail: Starting Elevation:  Approximately 10,400 ft Final Elevation:  Approximately 12,120 ft ( 1700 ft gain) Trip Length:  According to the trail head and all research, 7 miles round trip ( 3.5 out and 3.5 back)  According to my fitbit 8.5 miles.  We really took our timeContinue reading “Upper Mohawk Lake – Breckenridge CO 9/1/12”