Big Bluestem Loop – Boulder 10/27/12

South Boulder Creek trail > Mesa Trail> Big Bluestem Trail ( Lower) Starting Elevation:  5460Ft Highest Elevation:  6400Ft ( just over halfway through the loop)  Total gain 940ft Trail Length:  Officially 6.8 miles, my fitbit said just over 7 miles.  It took us 3 hours but mostly because of the trail conditions…mud then ice thenContinue reading “Big Bluestem Loop – Boulder 10/27/12”

Iowa Hill Hydraulic Mining Site – Breckenridge 10/19/12 & Mt. Evergreen 10/20/12

  Iowa Hill Hydraulic Mining Site Starting Elevation:  9600 FT Highest Elevation:  9910FT ( Total Gain 310 Ft) Trail Length:  1.2 miles, although there are interactive spurs throughout, we spent a little over an hour taking our time reading everything. Trail Uses:  Hiking ( I don’t think there were restrictions on how the trail is usedContinue reading “Iowa Hill Hydraulic Mining Site – Breckenridge 10/19/12 & Mt. Evergreen 10/20/12”

Butler Gulch, Empire/Idaho Springs CO 9/8/12

Butler’s Gulch Trail Starting Elevation:  10,500ish Final Elevation :  11,900+ if you go all the way to the Jean Mine  ( 1400 ft elevation gain) Trip Length: 6 miles round trip, if you aren’t over protective of your lower carriage civic that doesn’t seem to like the way the road looks after the parking lots.Continue reading “Butler Gulch, Empire/Idaho Springs CO 9/8/12”