Upper Mohawk Lakes, Partial Repeater-Hiked 7/4/13

When we started our vacation week in the mountains, the original goal was James Peak on Saturday(done), Mohawk Lakes on Sunday ( done Thursday), Quandary Peak on Tuesday ( Done), Upper Crystal Lakes on Wednesday (Skipped) and Thursday a drunken celebration (delayed), Friday up in the air since we knew the tattoos would be intense.  ButContinue reading “Upper Mohawk Lakes, Partial Repeater-Hiked 7/4/13”

Upper Mohawk Lake – Breckenridge CO 9/1/12

Spruce Creek Trail -> Continental Falls Trail-> Mohawk Lakes Trail: Starting Elevation:  Approximately 10,400 ft Final Elevation:  Approximately 12,120 ft ( 1700 ft gain) Trip Length:  According to the trail head and all research, 7 miles round trip ( 3.5 out and 3.5 back)  According to my fitbit 8.5 miles.  We really took our timeContinue reading “Upper Mohawk Lake – Breckenridge CO 9/1/12”

Lower Mohawk Lake (Repeater), Hiked 9/28/13

When we got back to our condo after hiking Hanging Lake, the weather actually got worse but that didn’t stop us from hitting the hot tub…..in blizzard type weather.   It was awesome! When I talked to the front desk they said that there would likely be 3-5 inches of snow in the morning butContinue reading “Lower Mohawk Lake (Repeater), Hiked 9/28/13”

The Liebster Award!

I have to say I was quite shocked and honored on Wednesday when Henry at the MoweryJournel nominated my blog for the Liebster Award. At the MoweryJournal, Henry focuses on all those passions of his that has made his journey though life amazing! He does all ranges of topics and does them amazingly well! HeContinue reading “The Liebster Award!”

The Kindness of Fellow Hikers

I just have to put this out there, over the course of the last 7 months we have come across a fantastic array of fellow hikers. In the beginning it was those few encouraging words they would share as they saw me struggling up a relatively easy trail that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.Continue reading “The Kindness of Fellow Hikers”

Twin Sisters Trail, Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park 9/16/12

Twin Sisters Trail Starting Elevation:  9200 ish Ft Final Elevation:  11400 ish Ft ( total gain in Elevation of 2200Ft) Trip Length:  7.2 miles is what I found officially everywhere…My fitbit tracked just over 9 miles but we wandered a lot for pictures. Trail Uses:  Hiker only mostly, there is limited Horse access. Degree of DIfficulty:Continue reading “Twin Sisters Trail, Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park 9/16/12”